Why does no one criticize democracy?

When ideas (or people) rise to the level where they are not susceptible to criticism, bad things usually follow. “Democracy” is long overdue for that critique.

The short-sighted, history-deficient electorate assumes that democracy as they currently view it has always been recognized as paramount, as the best method of government. That is far from the truth. The founders of our republic were not fans of democracy. They were afraid of the “people” which is why they they put so may barriers in the way of the “people’s” actions, why they insisted on having the Senate chosen not by the people directly but by state legislatures, why they allowed limited suffrage to be used in the election of the federal offices. The wisdom of their beliefs is quite evident in the current chaos of US politics. “The people” is at last triumphant! “The people” in all their ignorance has at last taken control of the government.

The “people” are at last in charge through their elected representatives — yet the “people’s ” press chooses to blame the representatives, not those who placed the representatives in their positions. When the “people” continue to return known crooks, sexual predators, incompetents to office, isn’t there a point when we stop pointing to the representatives and start looking at the electorate???

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