Run for the hills the morons are getting out their guns

Are there no rational gun owners? Where are the real sportsmen? When I was young, hunters actually prided themselves on the fewest shots it took to bring down their buck. Now they actually pride themselves on their ability to spray the entire landscape!

When it comes to protection, I don’t know about others but if I’m defending my home, a confined space, a 12 gauge shotgun seems much preferred to a pistol or a semi-automatic rifle.

For people who pride themselves on being macho, it is amazing that all these NRA members don’t mind being led around by the nose by the gun industry and their well paid public representatives.

Speaking of idiots — how about our brave congressmen who have regularly caved to the NRA’s threats and have continued to refuse to fund the NIH and CDC to conduct surveys on the impact of our gun culture on annual deaths and injuries due to guns. The best way to prevent the NRA members from owning guns is to require an IQ test prior to purchase.

It amazes me that these idiots with their automatic weapons really think that they will actually fight off the combined strengths of the branches of the US military!  A bit ironic that these same geniuses are usually the same people pressing for an ever bigger and stronger military.

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